I'm Toshit (also known as r58Playz online), a high school freshman with a passion for programming and security.

This site contains my portfolio as well as some occasional blog posts I write, and this domain is the home for most of my projects, such as the Schoology Plus port to the open web I made.

Some other notable contributions I have made are porting LWJGL2 to Apple Silicon and then contributing Apple Silicon support to Prism Launcher, a popular alternative to the official Minecraft launcher.

I have also helped create the sh1mmer chromebook exploit that allows for local code execution on most, if not all, chromebooks regardless of whether developer mode is allowed or not. I've created lilac, a chromeOS device policy editor.

Some other random facts about me in no particular order:

  • Interested in chromeOS internals
  • Doesn't have a favorite for most common topics
  • Plays modded Minecraft

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